Information Management

Samson-Kenny I.M. Solutions specializes in information management. In the information age all this data can be overwhelming. We help you capture, store and analyze information so that it makes sense to you.




Capture information using a variaty of methods including but not limited to:

Online Forms

Don’t spend anymore time trying to read illegible writing. Use online forms to record data your data, saving time and money. Online form features include default values, autofill, checkboxes, easy pick calendars, select boxes and more. Online forms can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile phone with internet access.


Use the latest barcode technologies for quicker manual processing or to automate processing all together.

Custom Software

We build custom web applications and other software to meet the information management needs of our clients, whether it be for internal use or to interact with external clients. Built primiraly using PHP or JSPs, the web applications may be stand alone or can be intergrated into your existing website or intranet.


We can create custom applications which interact with your current software suites using their applicaiton programming interface (API).


Collect data through mobile optimized web forms on your smart phone or tablet.



Database Technologies

We provide a variety of database related services which allows you to store your data. Such services include database design modeling, database setup, database management, data processing, data analysis and consulting. We have experience with proprietary database solutions such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase and Microsoft Access as well as open-source solutions such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We provide a wide range of geospatial services including the design and development of geographic information systems for desktop, mobile and web-based devices. We specialize in creating custom web GIS applications using the ArcGIS platform and open source frameworks. These solutions are tailored to your users needs to provide them with analytical information needed to make the correct decisions.





To take full advantage of stored data it must be properly analyzed. We can help you make sense of your data, whether it be through charting, graphing or automating complex calculations.


Using a variety of technologies we can digitize your current paper reports making them easier to manage and interpret. This also facilitates report editing, duplication, sharing, and more!

Reports can be digitized into various formats including PDF, HTML, and Microsoft Excel.

Primarily, reporting is accomplished using open source software such as Jasper Reports. This will reduce the costs of projects significantly, as licensing expensive proprietary reporting systems is not required.


Efficiently search and filter data to find the information you need in minutes.


Archive historical data for easy look up and comparative analysis.



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